Living in London is a full-on experience. In order to make the most of living here, sometimes you might need some help. Whether you are a newcomer to the UK, a recent resident of London, or a London old-hand who might just find yourself in need of some help – perhaps dues to a change of circumstances (hello, parenthood!) – I’m here to help!

We may be called Marylebone Living, but as someone who is born and raised in London, and lived my whole life within the Zone 1-6 London boundary, I know a LOT about London. Anything I don’t know, I probably know someone who does know – ask away!

Having lived in and around Marylebone for over 15 years, I know all the hidden gems in this part of Central/West London. I’ve lived here as a free and fun-loving single career woman, part of an urban professional couple, and now as a full-time parent. I know where you are coming from, whatever your circumstances.

One of the most common enquiries is about Education options in the UK/London/Marylebone. There is a lot of hype surrounding schooling in London but a lot this is normally unnecessary and put out there by “education consultants”. If you are willing to spend a little bit of time doing basic research yourself, paying the kind of fees these services charge is only one of many options. I can help guide you on your way, to help you decide whether you want to spend that money.

Unfortunately for most “normal” families in Central London, high end “education consultants” just create and intensify the hype and general craziness surrounding schooling and generate stress, though unfortunately they can distort the market which is already quite tight. Thankfully many schools are now pushing back and looking out for the “normal” families too.

I am not an “education consultant” but I have helped many families new to the UK system with a broad overview of choices, and how the system works here given I am born and raised in London so have experienced the system myself and now with my daughter. Especially in Marylebone, we are in an area where schooling is a bit of an issue so I am happy to share my knowledge and experience and help guide anyone who needs help. It might be that paying up for a consultant is the right thing for your family, but I can help you make that decision before spending what can be a lot of money.

To this end, I am offering, for a (low) fee an advisory service. I’m here to help with anything you can throw at me – examples are:

– understanding education options and the British/London system
– orientation to life in the UK/London/Marylebone and even surrounding areas (I lived in Richmond Twickenham and Kingston growing up so know the whole area of W/SW London very well)
– options if you are considering moving out of Marylebone
– understanding life in the UK/London/Marylebone
– language “lessons” and conversation to improve and refine your English
– concierge/lifestyle services, gift ideas and purchasing etc

The list goes on… email me to enquire!

The fee will help me cover the annual costs of running the www.marylebonemums.com website and hopefully allow me to continue to help families in the area!

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of this. You can reach me at maryleboneliving@gmail.com